Screening + Surveillance

Health Screening is appropriate for workers exposed to specific health risks at work. Most of these risks are covered by relevant statutory requirements and include,

  • Audiometry and hearing as required by the Noise Regulations.
  • COSHH screening for exposure to substances regarded hazardous to health
  • Vibration and HAVs screening
  • Sensitizers affecting the skin or respiratory tract.
  • Asbestos medicals
  • Lead medicals
  • Fork lift truck driver medicals
  • HGV driver medicals
  • Divers medicals
  • Ionising Radiation medicals

We aim to meet the statutory requirements placed on your business by undertaking health screening on workers exposed to health risks during their working day.

IOH can help you identify the risks which affect your business and work with you to develop a health screening program which complies with relevant legislation to benefit your business and your employees.

This demonstrates to your workers, the HSE and your insurers that you are taking all reasonable precautions in managing health risks at work. These risks constitute a much larger financial cost in relation to claims and litigation than accidents. It is essential to prove that you are not causing harm to your employees or others as a result of your working processes.

IOH health screening options

Assessing the effects of an individual’s health on their ability to work and/or to carry out specific tasks.  IOH offers a wide range of assessments, including:
  • Pre-Placement medical examinations
  • Driver, HGV, and Fork Lift Truck Driver Medicals.
  • Offshore Medicals (OGUK standard)
  • Evacuation and Rescue Team Duties (OGUK standard)
  • Wind turbine Medicals  (RenewableUK Standard)
  • Working at Heights Medicals
  • Working in confined spaces Medicals
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA) User Medicals
  • Night worker’s Medicals
  • Suitability for Duties as First Aider Medicals
  • Professional Diver Medicals  (HSE appointed)
The examinations are carried out either by a Occupational Health Nurse Advisor or by one of our Consultant Occupational Physicians, depending on the statutory requirements.
Health screening looks for adverse effects of work on health, using a variety of medical examinations and assessments. Most of these are covered by relevant statutory requirements and include the following:
  • Hearing: Audiometric health screening by way of hearing tests and a questionnaire, as required by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005.
  • COSHH Health Screening: Required for numerous chemical substances, as specified by the COSHH Regulations.
  • Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome screening for workers exposed to hand-transmitted vibration as required by “The Control of Vibration at work Regulations 2005” from the HSE.
  • Respiratory screening: Screening for workers exposed to respiratory sensitisers.
  • Asbestos medicals as required by “The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012” from the HSE.
  • For these medicals the doctor must have been appointed by the HSE.
  • Lead Medicals as required by “The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002” from the HSE. For these medicals the doctor must have been appointed by the HSE.
  • Display Screen Equipment medicals for regular users of display screens as required by the “Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 amended 2002” from the HSE.
IOH are able to give advice on what risk assessments you need, and the types and frequency of health screening required. It is essential to first recognize and quantify what risks apply to your business and determine how best to manage the level of risk which remains. This is the responsibility of the employer (COSHH Regulations). It is then appropriate to consider medical screening based on risks to health. The risks may be:
  • to the individual (noise, dust, fumes)
  • to the employer (medico legal, disability discrimination or employer liability)
  • to others in the work place,
  • or a combination of all the above.
Introducing any health at work initiative without due consideration of the risks, resources available or knowledge of tried and trusted policies and procedures can be costly and prove ineffective. An audit carried out by a trained and qualified occupational health professional will provide you with a detailed assessment of your current compliance with both statutory and advisory health at work requirements and your options for cost effective improvements

At Axalta Powder Coating Systems UK Ltd and why we use and have an excellent customer/client relationship.

IOH fully understand the complex risks faced by Axalta organisation today, which is why the IOH team of highly experienced administrators have developed our bespoke occupational health services to the needs of our business in the most cost effective way. They give users full access to occupational health nurses & physicians who understand the importance of delivering an efficient & confidential service, with minimal disruption to the production site.

The IOH Occupational health provider has helped us to develop & maintain a healthy & productive workforce, which in turn will enhance the Axalta organisation's performance and profitability of their UK site.

My personal experience of the IOH team is they are a very well organised and professional Occupational Health Provider, with a network of OH professionals across the north east as you would expect from a very well run occupational health provider with a very friendly atmosphere and bespoke approach that promotes and inspires confidence, trust & mutual respect, with the customer/employer. My experience with IOH is that they only employ the most experienced & dedicated individuals that deliver the best services to the highest standard of practice and customer care, in order to protect the health of Axalta’s UK workforce.

Cuthbert Tatters Grad IOSH & IIRSM/IEMA

EHS & Security Manager

Powder Coating Systems Network Lead