Health + Wellbeing

Whether individual or workforce based, initiatives to promote health and wellbeing pay dividends in terms of reduced absence, enhanced longevity, staff satisfaction and reduced turnover.

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Health + Wellbeing options

This involves personalised assessments of key factors in health status (such as blood pressure, weight and BMI, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels) and lifestyle (smoking, exercise, alcohol intake and abuse of drugs) coupled with advice and signposting where any of these suggest there is room for a healthy improvement.

We can refine these assessments to meet the needs of individual clients.

Face to face medicals with members of the senior team can help to ensure that key personnel have the knowledge and advice to help them stay fit, focused and at work.

As well as the assessments mentioned above, these would include a face to face discussion with a consultant physician to consider past and present medical issues coupled with advice on lifestyle issues around both physical and mental good health.

Aimed at either the whole workforce or groups within it, we can organise regular events to promote key messages on issues such as weight and exercise, lifestyle changes, early indicators for serious illness (such as bowel cancer), stress and mental health, and issues particular to individual clients and their workforce.

We can deliver these as one off events or as part of a rolling calendar throughout the year.

IOH physicians have many years of collective experience in providing medical advice and reports to the Trustees of both Statutory and Industry pension schemes, including those of the Police and Fire services, Local Government, Shipbuilding industries, and the schemes of large and small employers involved in motor manufacturing or component production.

IOH is able to provide high quality reports to Trustees regarding medical eligibility under most common medical pension scheme criteria. We are happy to advise on specific cases or to discuss and assist with drafting the medical criteria for new schemes.

The Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme has been using the service of IOH since the Scheme's inception in 1981.

IOH worked with the Trustee to develop a process for managing the medical review process for those scheme members applying for ill-health early retirement benefits. IOH continue to act as the Trustee's independent medical advisor, providing medical input and reports.

Throughout our association, IOH has provided a high quality service, and has been invaluable in helping to ensure this often difficult area for Trustees is handled in a robust, professional and independent manner.

Martin Boulton

Secretary of the Trutee

The Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme