Occupational Health Nurse

Our Nurses

Janette Bell, B.Sc (Hons), B.A (Hons), RGN, Specialist Nurse Practitioner Joanne Stafford, BA (Hons), RGN, Specialist Nurse Practitioner Antony Millward, RN, RSCPHN-OH, NEBOSH Roberta Ball, RGN, Dip OH, NEBOSH  

What is their role?

There are times when you may need clarification around an employee's health issues, so that you can make the decisions needed to manage, assist or rehabilitate that person back into the workplace. An Occupational Health Nurse can assist with attendance management and Health Screening (sometimes called Health Surveillance) to assess an employee's ability to perform a role safely and to ensure that hazards in the workplace are not affecting an individuals health.  It also includes wellbeing and health promotion in the workplace. These elements are best provided as a combined service, to ensure that both the proactive and reactive elements of health at work are dealt with effectively.
All I.O.H. nurses are registered nurses with significant experience in occupational health. All of our Senior Nurses hold additional degree level qualifications in occupational health and ensure that all professional staff are delivering only the best clinical practice. All nurses have annual appraisals and personal development plans, attend regular updates and training and, where appropriate, attend conferences related to the specialties I.O.H. support.

Occupational Physician

Our Doctors

Dr Jon Broome, (MFOM), Consultant Occupational Physician Dr Peter McGuinness, (MFOM), Consultant Occupational Physician Dr Chris Holland, (MFOM), Consultant Occupational Physician  

What is their role?

The vision of IOH reflects a service which is Nurse led and Doctor Directed.  Our business is directed by an Occupational Physician because there are times when the diagnostic and case management skills required can only be provided by an Occupational Physician. Equally the specialist Occupational Physician’s ability to liaise with GP’s or hospital doctors whilst also working with all of your internal stakeholders provides a higher level of service in complex cases.  This results in an effective turnover of cases which are managed to successful conclusions for you as the employer. Your Occupational Health Physician will also be able to provide advice on matters around employment law, disability and health and they can challenge GPs if required, and diagnose the problems that you and your employees face at work.  An Occupational Health Physician can also support health surveillance programmes, absence management and Wellbeing promotion at work.  In IOH’s multi-disciplinary team approach, the Occupational Physician will co-ordinate the professional input of nursing, physiotherapy and counselling staff to ensure clinical governance.
All IOH doctors are qualified consultants and accredited specialists in Occupational Medicine on the GMC specialist register. All participate in the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programme, with a minimum of 50 hours educational activity each year. Each consultant has experience across a wide range of sectors which is used to provide professional guidance to multi-disciplinary Occupational Health (OH) teams, with the emphasis on team building, trust, respect, mutual support and good communication within the team of physicians, OH nursing staff, OH physiotherapists, OH counsellors and administrative support staff.

What our clients say

IOH are a highly respected organisation who provide a professional Occupational Health service which has been successfully tailored to meet requirements over a significant number of years.
My consultation was both very informative and professional. Fantastic. Thank you very much.
With help, advice and training from the IOH team, Occupational Health is now seen as a major part of our Health and Safety culture.
How refreshing to find an Occupational health provider that actually knows business and all the trials and tribulations that this involves.
Since contracting out to IOH we have seen massive benefits in terms of reduction of absence.
The doctor’s professionalism and help with my condition has been second to none since I began seeing him. He has his patient best interests first and foremost and is an absolute credit to the organisation. First class service. Thank you.
Totally professional set up.
Thank you for providing a first class report.  Concise, factual and clinical detail kept to a minimum. Perfect for an HR Manager. Thank you.
Very professional from start to finish.