Who We Are

I.O.H. is an independent occupational health company based in the North East of England offering professional health services since 1991.

Our client base includes all types of business both large and small covering both public and private sector organisations.

We offer a full range of clinical occupational health services;

  • Health screening
  • Absence and attendance management
  • Health and wellbeing promotion

We will provide a “healthy business audit” and tailor occupational health services to your needs.

We can deliver training for managers and team leaders to help build their skills to support the management of health related issues in the workplace.

Health screening and attendance management will assist you to;

  • Reduce absence
  • Reduce associated direct and indirect costs
  • Reduce the risk of criminal and civil litigation
  • Ensure compliance with employment law and health and safety legislation

Coupled with proactive work to promote health and wellbeing can help you to;

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Help to resolve real issues in the workforce that can affect productivity

We are externally audited and accredited to ISO9001: 2008 Healthmark, which reinforces our commitment to, and reputation for high quality services that are cost effective for clients.

Our Facilities

Our office suite in Gateshead is spacious, modern and well equipped, providing a relaxed atmosphere. With free parking directly outside of the buildling and are just ten minutes’ walk from Gateshead Metro Centre, with it’s range of public transport links.

Fixed (On-site)

Professional staff and equipment direct to your site. Many of our staff work with our clients from dedicated facilities on their sites. This minimises time employees have to spend away from their work with easily accessible services.


Bringing the clinic and professional staff directly to your doorstep if on-site facilities are not available or appropriate.  We offer a fully equipped mobile unit with audio booth to help you fulfil legal obligations for screening. Providing easy access for your workforce whilst retaining confidentiality and minimizing time away from their workplace.


At the heart of our business is a belief in the importance of quality, which involves all aspects of our work, ensuring that we deliver to the highest professional standards.  We combine this with an emphasis on flexibility by working with clients, ensuring that we all deliver appropriate and timely support.

We add to this a belief in the importance of enduring relationships with our clients. The fact that we have arrangements going back over several decades shows the importance we place on this but also our clients’ levels of satisfaction.

Finally, it is important to us to feel part of our region. Having been founded and grown in the NE we feel part of a larger, local community with shared concerns and priorities.

“We are a caring service and committed to working together to keep your employees and business healthy. We believe that lifetime relationships are built on trust, respect and honesty.”

Approach & How We Work

Quality, experience and flexibility are the hallmarks of I.O.H., derived from over thirty five years’ experience in both public and private sectors, and for providing support to both very small and very large workforces. Our staff have a wide range of clinical and professional skills and specialist qualifications in occupational medicine.

We work with our clients to shape bespoke services that meet their specific needs and adapt these over time to meet changing priorities. Whether for a workforce of five or five thousand we devote the same attention to delivering, flexible and high quality services.


We have provided significant professional input for the following sectors:

Private Sector

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • HGV
  • Medical & Legal
  • Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy
  • Professional Divers
  • SME

Public Sector

  • Education
  • Emergency Sevices
  • Local Government
  • SMP to Police Forces

History of IOH

IOH emerged from a concept developed by Dr John Wollaston in 1977 after 18 months with the H&S Executive to provide professional services to the shipbuilding and ship repair companies throughout the UK and based in the North East of England.  Since then IOH have continued to promote and maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of its client's staff.

Since 1991 we have been operating from our head office in the North East of England offering a multi-disciplinary occupational health service.  Providing Occupational Health Nurses, Physicians, Physiotherapists to all types of business and the public sector.


Dr Wollaston, as a doctor in the Royal Navy, visits the Antarctic, becomes a pilot and qualifies as a diver; giving him a good grounding in occupational health practice


Dr Wollaston is awarded The Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for services to humanity


Dr Wollaston appointed national Director of Health & Safety at British Shipbuilders


Dr Wollaston is retained by Nissan UK to develop an occupational health service for their new workforce to reflect their vision of a caring company - a role he held for 31 years.


Visit of the Prime Minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher to Glasgow services


I.O.H. continues its expansion across the NE automotive industry and into the mining, construction and wider manufacturing sectors


I.O.H. established in its current form


Dr Wollaston is made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society


I.O.H. begins its first contract in the public sector with a brief to redesign and modernise the occupational health services


Quality of services validated by the award of ISO9001 Accreditation


Move into purpose built clinical centre in Gateshead


National recognition of I.O.H.'s work at Nissan UK with the visit of Dame Carol Black


I.O.H. provides a service for its 300th SME in the region


I.O.H. completes rebranding and rebuild of its website in preparation for further growth and development


Joined North East Automotive Alliance