We offer health screening and attendance/absence management, whilst promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.


Centred on employee health

  • Keeping your employees safe
  • Keeping your employees at work
  • Keeping your employees healthy


Offering appropriate advice on health issues in the workplace helping clients to address the increasingly complex and costly responsibility that impacts on all business.

IOH recognise the responsibilities of the employer and expectations of employees. Providing the relevant professional support and advice tailored to suit client’s needs.

Working side by side with businesses to deliver effective healthcare in the workplace.


We have provided significant professional input for the following sectors:  

Private Sector

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • HGV
  • Medical & Legal
  • Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy
  • Professional Divers
  • SME

Public Sector

  • Education
  • Emergency Sevices
  • Local Government
  • SMP to Police Forces

How we work with our clients


Professional staff and equipment direct to your site.  Many of our staff work with our clients from dedicated facilities on their sites. This minimises time employees have to spend away from their work with easily accessible services.

Our Centre

Our office suite in Gateshead is spacious, modern and well equipped, providing a relaxed atmosphere. With free parking directly outside of the building and are just ten minutes walk from Gateshead Metro Centre, with it’s range of public transport links.

Mobile Unit

Bringing the clinic and professional staff directly to your doorstep if on-site facilities are not available or appropriate.  We offer a fully equipped mobile unit with audio booth to help you fulfil legal obligations for screening. Providing easy access for your workforce whilst retaining confidentiality and minimizing time away from their work station.

“Occupational health’s role should lead to organisational health. Organisational health is the effective balance between the interests of the organisation and the aspirations, skills and requirements of the individual within that organisation.

Occupational health’s remit should be the early identification of health related problems, early interventions and tailored solutions to the clients working environment – these are three of the qualities that mark our services. Early intervention in health problems and a win win solution is our focus, not sympathy and compensation – it is about understanding and accommodation. As an employer you have a statutory “Duty of Care” for your employees; let IOH help your organisation to understand and resolve your health related problems."

Dr John Wollaston
Chairman and Proprietor of IOH